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So I am kind of just learning about how using certain deodorants (amongst MANY other things) can cause and/or are directly linked to breast cancer! For years and years, I, like many other females, have been using all of the “standard” mainstream everyday brands that you would find regularly at your local grocery store – but I had no clue that with each and every use, I was only putting toxins inside of my body, a.k.a. my breast.
Here is a quick statement quote from The Plant Daddy (@plantifulfacts on Instagram) that I want to share with you guys in order to help make this very important topic issue a little bit easier to comprehend with: “Antiperspirant deodorants block our natural ability to sweat. Aluminum-containing antiperspirants prevent toxins from being expelled by the body. These toxins clog up lymph nodes around the armpits and breasts.” (Additionally, all of these harmful toxic chemicals have the ability to easily enter inside of your blood stream, multiply, and create cancerous cells… a.k.a. breast cancer) – this also goes for my fellas that are using these mainstream popular deodorant brands as well.
Unfortunately, if you try to Google ‘breast cancer caused by deodorants’ and/or something like ‘deodorants linked to breast cancer’, you will immediately get a response that there is “No Current Evidence” and/or “Proof” that this is true… but it is true… they (the government) just does not want you (the consumer) to know about this simply because if you (the consumer) knew about this, then they (the government) wouldn’t make their money. Simply put, it is just best to go organic and/or use deodorant brands that do not have all of these toxic, chemical, man-made ingredients inside of it.
I have just recently gone through my beauty stash and have thrown away all of my deodorants that I have been using for years… I am now using the Kopari Deodorant Brands… I honestly am in love with this particular brand and have never had any issues with it at all… I also do plan on trying out some other all-natural deodorant brands as well in the very near future in order to add to my collection. 💕

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