The Butterfly Cave Blog | P.4.K. (The Official Playground For Kids)


I am sooooo excited that I can now finally share with you guys a special platform that I have been working on creating for a while now that is very close to my heart… it is called P.4.K. (The Official Playground For Kids)!
I created this platform for several reasons, but mainly because I love kids to death, and I personally feel that they deserve the world! In this current day-and-time and generation (meaning from the year 2010 to today), these kids honestly don’t really have anything to look forward to compared to pretty much all of the other generations before them. Unfortunately, the kids born and/or growing up in this generation have nothing but terrible music, remakes of movies, TikTok, fighting on T.V. (a.k.a reality T.V.), terrible “role models” to look up to, brainwashing “politically correct” agenda-pushing, no commercials to sing along to and/or look forward to (obviously because everything is skipped nowadays), no Saturday morning cartoons or really any cartoons at all (and what makes it even worse is that when I ask kids [I’m talking kids from Pre-K to 8th grade] what their current favorite cartoon is, they either tell me that they don’t watch cartoons or that they don’t even know what a cartoon is), and I can go on and on. And for the cherry on top, these kids are now having to endure this (what I personally feel was a planned) Covid-19 “pandemic,” as well as other very unfortunate events taking place today as we speak… a kid can’t even be a kid right now. Most people don’t come to realize that with everything going on right now, the ones that are suffering the MOST are these kids… I’ve had one too many kids tell me that they wish that they were born and/or grew up in a different generation.
So, with all of that being said, and because I love kids more than anything, I am excited to officially launch this platform for these kids and to watch it blossom into something very special in the very near future! Enjoy!πŸ’•

— XOXO —