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Wats up… So by now I’m pretty sure that everyone has heard about this disgusting Coronavirus thing going around right now… And there are a lot of people in like serious panic attack simply because they are not fully aware and/or educated about what is really going on, or they are just getting all types of inaccurate, misleading information about this whole subject matter. Well, that’s where I come in because I got you. I’m going to explain this whole thing to you right now…
First of all, let’s get into where and how it originated. As we all already know, this virus came from China. In the Chinese (Asian) culture, many of them believe in consuming all types of “exotic creatures” – and when I say “exotic creatures,” I am talking about them consuming anything from cats and dogs and octopus, to bats and snakes and birds, and even rats (yes, I did say rats – look it up for yourself). To each their own, but I personally would never eat anything like this in a million years. Additionally, these “exotic creatures” can easily carry all types of serious health diseases (which is why it is not recommended for anyone to consume these things in the first place) – and to make matters worse, every single last one of these “exotic creatures” contain nothing but processed ingredients when served as food to eat. If you have been following me or if you just already know this, there are only two types of foods that exist in this world, real food (which means foods that only contain clean, non-toxic, organic, all-natural ingredients), and processed food (which means foods that contain all types of disgusting, toxic, artificial, genetically-modified, man-made, harmful, gross ingredients inside of it). So, when you mix these dangerous processed ingredients with “exotic foods” that you shouldn’t even be consuming in the first place, guess what you get… a dirty out-of-control virus… the Coronavirus.
Now, let’s get into what is going on right now in the world with this whole situation. A lot of people are dying from this disease in China as we speak – what a “shocker” – but the thing is that “they” do not want the actual number of deaths to be revealed to the public simply because of how scary the numbers are. Here is another “shocker” – the virus has now made it’s way to the U.S.A. – and because of this, “they” are now currently working on creating some type of “medicine” (a.k.a. a toxic man-made chemical concoction) to treat this disease, just like how they are trying to do with the sick patients in China with the clinics that they have just created.
So, we all now know the cause of this virus, and we all now know what is going on right now as we speak… now, let’s actually get into how you can get rid of and/or prevent this virus from spreading in the first place. I am going to just keep it short and sweet for you. Number one, do not consume any type of questionable “exotic creatures” as a meal. Number two, only consume foods with real ingredients (organic, all-natural, clean, non-toxic ingredients) as oppose to consuming foods with disgusting processed ingredients. Number three, build your immune system, which comes from consuming organic, all-natural, non-toxic foods, (these foods naturally come with the powerful tools (nutrients) that you need to build your immune system) – a strong immune system equates to you being able to properly fight any diseases that enter inside of your body like how God intended. Lastly, wash your hands, (easier said than done simply because I have noticed that a lot of people do not wash their hands at all on a regular basis) – basically, having good hygiene is a must!
And that is it! It is just that simple. Unfortunately, if you try to google anything about this Coronavirus, the only thing that is going to pop-up is a local medical clinic that you can go to to be treated and/or a “medicine” that “they” are working on for a vaccination… but now, you guys know the truth. Please always remember that food is medicine (how God intended for it to be), not what “man” is trying to do – “they” just do not want “you” (the consumer) to know this, because if “you” (the consumer) knew this, then “they” would not make any money – I think that you guys get my point. πŸ’‹

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