The Butterfly Cave Blog | Dear Diary… No Coronavirus!


Alright so let’s just get right into it… but before we even talk about the Coronavirus, let’s get some actual facts straight: When it comes to any and all viruses that exist here on this Earth, just know that it didn’t just fall from the sky or just randomly appear out of nowhere. Yes it’s true, viruses can be transmitted, inherited, and/or spread in many different ways – but the actual origin of that disease didn’t just fall from the sky, (meaning it didn’t come from God). I believe that any and all viruses and/or diseases have been created by man… whether if it is the processed foods that you are consuming, the medication and/or drugs that you are taking, the toxic chemicals that you are putting on your body from products that you use everyday, the abundance amount of radiation that you are being exposed to, the pollution that you are regularly inhaling everyday, or if you are just simply someone that allows the negative media to influence your mental health and/or overall well-being that causes you to stress out… just remember that with all of these different life happenings, my belief is that these viruses and/or diseases are all man-made. And now, the Coronavirus has been added to the mix.
So as we know right now, the Coronavirus is the “new” current virus that just kind-of “came out-of-nowhere,” (that is what we are being told of course) – originally, it was stated that this new disease came from China from a food market that was selling contaminated food products to the public, (yes it is true that the vast majority of people living in China believe in consuming all types of “exotic creatures” on a regular basis, but the vast major of people living in the United States also eat all types of processed foods on a regular basis as well, so that’s that part of course – but in regards to the original claim that it actually came from China and everything being put out about that, meaning is this story actually 100% true to believe anymore, I don’t know… was that just a cover-up of some sort, I don’t know)… but once again, with everything being said and all, I truly believe that this virus, like any other virus, was created by man.

I believe that any and all viruses and/or diseases have been created by man.

So, here is what I personally believe the propaganda is for this “new” virus scenario: Create the virus… Try to scare the general public… Cover-up the truth… Only put out the information and data that ‘they’ want you to know and/or abide by, (which includes releases such as: You should get tested if you have underlying health issues, [which most people do have unfortunately simply because the vast majority of people consume processed food], [and I personally believe that getting tested is also a great way to contract the virus]… Wash your hands [duhhh that’s common sense]… Wear a mask, and for extra protection, some gloves [okay whatever]… Practice social distancing and stay quarantined at home [okay if you say so – and I also feel like they are using this time to work on creating their 5G towers for more data tracking and radiation exposure]… And if we have any other Safety Precautions and/or Guidelines, then we will let you know for sure because we are “all in this together” [I personally think that that is complete bullsh*t because we are not “all in this together” as they are supposedly saying, but whatever]. Are people really contracting this virus and dying from what I feel is a man-made creation – yes unfortunately… but is the actual data information of the number of deaths and/or of basically anything else actually true – I don’t know.
And I believe that as a somewhat final attempt to push this propaganda, they are also working on a vaccination that they may “try” to mandate [keyword is “try” of course]. As you may have already noticed from observing the news, they are not mentioning anything about being healthy and building your immune system to the general public at all, [I personally believe that they are doing that on purpose of course] – and it is illegal to state that there is a cure for this disease from utilizing any form of natural remedies, just like how it is illegal to proclaim that about any and all other diseases that exist [yeah I wonder why]. It’s all about creating and getting that vaccination out to the people for them.

So, with everything going on right now that pertains to this Coronavirus, here is what I personally advise💕:
1.) Build Your Immune System [A strong immune system means that your body will always be able to fight any and all diseases that comes its way].
2.) Get out of ‘The Cycle’ of Consuming Processed Toxic Foods [Your diet lifestyle should only ever consist of consuming organic, all-natural, plant-based, not processed, non-toxic foods with clean ingredients, (this also includes the products that you use everyday as well) – by doing so, not only will it be an aid towards preventing this virus, but it will also be an aid towards preventing any and all other viruses].
3.) Always Practice Proper Hygiene, like Washing Your Hands of course [Wearing a mask is your personal choice… does it realistically “stop” the virus from spreading – of course not… literally every time that I go to the grocery store, I always see the vast major of people wearing a mask and some gloves, but their shopping carts are loaded with processed foods, which means that they are doing absolutely nothing to help themselves from this virus… once again, wearing a mask is simply a personal choice.]
4.) Do Not Get a Vaccination [If you get a vaccination, then that simply means that you fell for ‘his’ trap for what I feel is a propaganda. Always remember that there are resources out there when it comes to how to legally decline a vaccine if it was ever mandated.]
5.) And more than anything else, live under God, it’s that simple. [Since the beginning of time, since when the serpent was cast down here to Earth and lured Adam and Eve into eating the forbidden apple that God had specifically informed them to not do, there has been corruption. Fast forward to today and/or just to recent times, that hasn’t changed at all and will not change until God has his final say. Apparently, there keeps being an outbreak of a new virus and/or disease about every 100 years or so – and it wouldn’t be surprising if another virus outbreak was to occur. Just remember this: God has the whole world in his hands and knows the hidden agenda of everything. The serpent that is slithering around like a snake down here on Earth is weak and he knows it, that is why he is such a hungry beast and will feed on your soul ONLY if you allow for him to do so… but God is stronger and WILL WIN the battle at the end of the day… all you need in life to survive is God.]

Live your very Best, Happy, Healthy life under God – that is all that you have to do – I promise you that you will be okay – God will take care of the rest💕.

— XOXO —