The Butterfly Cave Blog | Clay Masks Are The Sh**

So I know, it’s been like 10 years since I have posted anything on my blog… just stating the obvious in order for me to get that out of the way…
So, about this facial mask… one of my favorite type of facials that I like to regularly apply to my skin and treat myself to are (*sound effects* doom doom doom)… clay masks! “Why do you like clay masks?” I’m glad you asked – I really like clay masks simply because this particular type of facial mask can seriously eliminate oily skin (something that I have without a doubt) – it will refresh your skin as well as keep it under control and always clear – it will clean out your pores by absorbing any and all dirt and/or toxins that you may have trapped inside of your pores, and it will also tighten up your pores, which means you get young, firm, clear skin as a result. I love it, and I definitely have “happy skin” as a personal reward. One of the BEST clay masks that exist is the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay mask – it actually works and you will get real results. “Is this really the only good clay mask that exist?” I’m glad you asked again – no, it’s not the only clay mask that exist – I’m just a really big fan of this one, and it just has honestly been one of my personal faves in my beauty stash.

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