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Living organically is truly a complete lifestyle – my lifestyle – and it is something that I am truly passionate about. I decided a few years back that I no longer wanted to consume any government-grown, processed, man-made foods, or use beauty products and/or hygiene products that contain all types of chemically-made, artificial, laboratory ingredients – I instead decided that I only wanted to consume foods and use beauty and hygiene products that were directly-made and produced by nature – by God. Though all of my beauty and hygiene products aren’t organic but instead curated with all-natural and/or clean ingredients, simply put, real food and real products give you real results.
The organic way of life is everything – it is the key to the fountain of youth as well as to prolonged, healthy, happy living – it is the solution for the prevention of or even non existence of abnormal diseases, such as cancer – and so on and so forth. All doesn’t have to be organic in life, of course, but there are just simply some things in life that are BEST if they are only consisting of organically grown, all-natural ingredients and components. For this lifestyle, all that is needed for one to be complete is for one to first take care of them self from the inside, (with your foods and consumables), and then take care of them self from the outside, (with your beauty and hygiene products) – the choice to extend this way of life to other aspects in your life is completely optional and simply at one’s discretion.
Words can’t even explain how rewarding it is and how good I feel from the inside from switching to this lifestyle. It never gets old or is tiring for me to tell people how I went from Big Macs and Whoppers to Whole Foods and farm-raised produce – it is a testimony of mine. In a perfect world, all of the government-grown foods and products would no longer exist, and we as a society would be back to the basics and how it used to be in the old-fashioned golden days when it came to our produce – we don’t live in a perfect world, but we as humans are blessed with the ability to be educated, attract knowledge, and to change ourselves.

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