Hey wats up guys… soooo I def got some things that I am wanting to share with you guys from my personal diary… soooo let’s just get into it.
Notes From My Diary…
First thing first, I just wanted to say that I’m doing good – I always strive to put God first in my life, he is my beautiful warrior shield against anything and everything that takes place in this world because honestly guys, if it was just me by myself trying to face this world, there wouldn’t be purpose. I could easily write a full novel right now about how God is my everything and my reason, but I think that you guys get my point.
I also wanted to add that taking care of your mental health is very very important for everyone to do. A lot of people are so used to thinking that taking care of your physical health only is all you need to do to be your ‘best self,’ but there is soooo much more to that. I’ll put it like this for you guys… let’s say that someone has great physical health and all, so they regularly are in the gym, but then out-of-nowhere, something unfortunate happens in their life in which now, as a result, triggers their mental health, so they are no longer motivated to want to go to the gym anymore until mentally (aka their mental health) is ready… here’s one more scenario: it is actually very easy for someone who is currently on narcotics to get off of narcotics physically, it’s called a good old-fashion detox and a healthy lifestyle in order to get yourself back to being right again – but the challenge of getting off drugs is not a physical challenge, it is a mental challenge (aka your mental health) because addiction is a mental challenge, not a physical one – once again, I’m not trying to write a full novel about this topic right now as we speak, but I definitely do plan on creating another blog post about this topic for you guys because it is something very valuable in life… as a take-away, I just basically wanted to remind you all that everything is connected to your brain, meaning that everything is connected to your mental health, so take care of your mental health!πŸ’•
I def got some other notes in my diary that I would love to share with you guys, but I’ll do that on another day, on another post…

Some Exclusives…
Check out Hannah Danielle Hooks x My Team for some exclusive details cuz I got some things that I got to get out of my system fareal hunnay, and being around other really dope and talented beautiful people is something that I will always love to do.πŸ’•

— XOXO —

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