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Hello Beauties πŸ’‹ I am forever fascinated by the greatness of what is of history and ancient times. There’s just something about an artifact and/or event that is very old and/or that has taken place during non-contemporary times – one specific time era that I am truly fascinated with and absolutely love is the Ancient Egyptian time era. I love this era for many reasons, but definitely for all of the beauty regimens practiced regularly from the higher class of the Egyptian people and from the Queen of the Nile herself Cleopatra. The following is a list of my all-time fave Ancient Egyptian beauty rituals and how one can include these rituals into their current everyday beauty regimens.

Gold Facials

Gold is the essence of the Egyptian people and the first thing that comes to mind for anybody trying to unveil the true Egyptian way of life. Gold represents wealth and royalty – and you will find this precious metal utilized pretty much anywhere and everywhere throughout Ancient Egyptian history and, of course, still to this day. The Egyptians have used gold for many different practices, but one of my absolute favorite practices consist of using it as a facial. A huge benefit from using actual 24K gold directly on your skin is that it has very strong anti-aging properties and qualities – it basically is a secret “fountain of youth” treasure. One of the absolute best beauty facial mask in the world for pure gold application is the Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Mask.

Milk Baths

Milk bathing has always been a common and very popular practice during Ancient Egyptian times. It is the ultimate ritual for obtaining the most luxurious and baby soft skin ever. The Egyptian queens and goddesses would regularly spend hours bathing and soaking in lukewarm milk in order to maintain their youthful and alluring appearance. An easy way to adapt this ritual into your everyday beauty regimen is to just simply use an actual milk-enriched all-natural soap, such as the lavish Pre de Provence Rich Milk beauty bar.

Lush Exfoliation Cleansing

The practice of exfoliation has been around for many many centuries, and the favored Ancient Egyptian way of this practice has always been to gently exfoliate their skin completely with the actual sea salt from the ever-famous Dead Sea. It has been stated many times that the Egyptians would regularly venture out to the shores in order to obtain the special sea salt from the Dead Sea simply to give themselves a self-indulgent spa-like treatment – they also favored the sea salt from the Dead Sea because they believed that it would heal their skin from all of Earth’s impurities. A great product to use that contains these same extravagant elements is the Minera Natural Dead Sea Salt.

Pure Frankincense and Myrrh

The biblical scriptures entail that the Three Kings, the Three Wise Men, journeyed out to give baby Jesus three gifts – the gift of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. These three gifts were given to baby Jesus for a special purpose and are strongly believed to carry great holy benefits. As we already know, gold has always been used heavily by Egyptians and in their regular beauty regimens, and so has frankincense and myrrh. Utilizing the oils from all-natural, pure frankincense and myrrh have endless beauty and health benefits – a great way to use it is to just simply include a few drops of it inside of your favorite moisturizer – or you can just simply apply it directly to your skin and/or hair.

Fresh Rosewater

Before King Jaffe Joffer commanded for his son Prince Akeem to always have rose petals thrown out in front of him regularly (Coming To America :)), the Ancient Egyptian Kings and Queens utilized these precious rose petals as a healing medicine, and they would incorporate it into their regular daily beauty regimens. The most beautiful and royal of Egypt would include several rose petals during their baths for relaxation and complete rejuvenation, and many would also use the natural petals in the form of liquid in order to truly cleanse and refresh the skin. In short, the regular use of fresh rosewater will equate to acne-free, calm skin – your best skin. I promise by the Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist simply because, well, it is the best.

Warm Sweet Perfume Scents

If there was one thing that the Ancient Egyptians were also very known for, it was their ability to maintain clean, aromatic body scents. Sweet scents and natural musk, such as warm cinnamon and vanilla, (my all-time fave scents), were heavily used amongst the Egyptians in the form of an essential oil parfum – and to this very day, these scents are used in many of our own personal favorite perfumes.

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