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Whole Foods is one of my favorites – it is my joy, my happy place, my thing in life. It is my home away from home and a little piece of paradise. The air and the atmosphere inside is always so nice and clean, and the people there are forever friendly – when you are only surrounded by all things good … it makes you feel good … which equates to good, peaceful, friendly people. I love that as soon as you walk in, you are in an ambiance of beautiful greens and fruits as well as the most delicious and freshest foods on the planet – and I am always a sucker for all of their free samples and their hot bar – it’s just my thing.
Whole Foods is king to me simply because they are the best place to shop in the world for all things organic, all-natural, healthy in life. They are a rare gem because it is a challenge to find a place that is 100% Good – and I, like millions of other loyal shoppers, trust anything that they sell because it is their promise to only ever carry good items on their shelves. Whole Foods is honestly one of my favorite places to shop for EVERYTHING … I buy a lot of my food, beauty products, hygiene products, daily essentials, household products, cleaning products, organic candy, etc. all from this luxury shop. I always adore treating myself and exploring new and/or exclusive things there.
I am all about quality and value as oppose to just the price. With Whole Foods being under Amazon now though, (at which at where I was feeling some type of way about this at first but am all good now), I am able to discover new great deals as well as even more exclusive rewards – and with Amazon Fresh, all of your organic all-natural shopping is even more delightful! Besides the great food, here is my Curated List of The Top 5 Items to splurge on at Whole Foods:
#1 – Organic All-Natural Wellness
Gaia Herbs is one of the best brands out there when it comes to supplements, vitamins, and just about anything – their capsules are completely vegan, and their collection consist of a very wide range of different types of minerals full of nutrients and antioxidants. I do enjoy other supplement brands as well, but this brand takes the cake and is one of my favorites.
#2 – The Best Water Filtration System
I am a water drinker – it is pretty much all I drink all of the time – I do indulge in organic all-natural juices and sodas of course, but 98% of the time, I am drinking my water. I’m all about the utilization of water filtration systems – and Whole Foods carries the best water and water filter systems – I am very fond of the Brita Water Filters brand as well as the New Wave Filter Systems.
#3 – Organic All-Natural Beauty & Fragrances
Whole Foods carries some of the most top-notch beauty brands out there. I purchase a lot of my skincare, oils, moisturizers, makeup, hair care, soaps and hygiene products from there. Every beauty brand that I love though isn’t at Whole Foods, but, at the same time, there are a lot of alluring beauty brands that are there. One skincare brand that I truly admire is Dr. Hauschka’s complete collection because it is just simply great – Dr. Hauschka is also one of J to the Glow’s favorite skincare brands as well.
I love all types of perfumes – I do not have a specific favorite brand because there are a vast amount of perfume lines that I like. I discovered Pacifica at Whole Foods a little while back, and have been hooked ever since – the tuscan blood orange scent is one of my faves.
#4 – Glam Sustainable Fashion
I love all types of fashion – and I also do not have a favorite fashion line brand. I love to shop for many different fashion designers, companies, and styles. Just like any woman, I enjoy adding new fashion pieces to my personal wardrobe collection. While shopping at Whole Foods, I have seen some very beautiful apparel that just had to be added to my collection. I like companies, like Pact, that always create nice alluring fashion for all.
#5 – Organic All-Natural Candy
I am such a candy lover … and a lot of people don’t realize that there is a such thing as organic candy. Simply put, organic candy is simply candy that only contains all the good natural ingredients, without the use of any toxins – using only real fruits and natural sugars. I am like a kid in a candy store whenever I am doing my candy shopping at Whole Foods – I love the Yum Earth candy brand, and their hot chili mango lollipops are an all-time classic and one of my favorites.
These are just a few of my favourite things, other than their heavenly food – all in all, I think that Whole Foods is amazing and I will forever love and enjoy shopping there.

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